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Is India’s Grand Solar Vision Becoming Reality?


India’s huge solar ambitions have just grown a whole lot larger, but can the Modi administration turn its soaring goals into a grid-parity reality? Evidence suggests that while the achievement is still a vision, investments are rapidly making it tangible. ...

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Microgrids Create Energy-Resilient Communities


Orlando — Consumers who need resilient, reliable, “always-on” power that the utility can’t deliver are driving the growth of microgrids in the U.S. In addition, renewable energy and energy storage technologies are becoming essential components of microgrids. These were two of ...

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Renewable Energy Expanding in South Africa


The country has set an ambitious, although unspecific, goal to use more renewables in order to help stabiliize the grid. Cape Town — South Africa plans to triple electricity production from renewable-energy sources to help alleviate power shortages that caused rolling ...

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Flying on Green Energy


The biofuel industry celebrated a few important milestones this summer, one of which was the first commercial international flight that used a drop-in replacement for jet fuel, called renewable farnesane. New Hampshire, USA — The global aviation industry has committed to ...

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How Fast Can You Rack?


Stopwatch-tested solar racking solutions touted at Solar Power International 2014. Solar racking companies battled it out on the floor of Solar Power International (SPI) in late October, demonstrating new system improvements to shave critical minutes off installation time and pennies ...

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